Words like bingo balls

Words tumble around inside of my head daily, they have to come out somewhere.

While I attempt to be transparent and honest, there is a balance when parenting teenagers.

Their stories are theirs to tell, and not mine.

As with all families, the topics covered on any given day can change.

Topics that I frequently discuss include:

Divorce – How this has impacted my kids, me, our family and more

Feminism – What it means to grow up in a conservative religious family that I love dearly, while feeling the pressure to fine my own voice outside of that

Just Life – Because not all topics fit into a nice little box

Keto – My ever present struggle with weight, weight lifting, self image and more

Parenting – They are all teenagers now, but that does not mean the work is done

Relationships – Family, friends, kids, the good stuff that makes this life worth living

Travel – The wanderlust is real, even if I am not able to travel as often as I would like

Work Life – The grown up stuff that no one really seems to love, and that constant quest to find fulfillment in it