Contract Work

Office Management

  • Initial Setup
  • Filing
  • Systems Management
  • Paperwork
  • Deadline Management
  • Ongoing Maintenance

Small business owners, entrepreneurs, and chasers of dreams have more on their minds that whether their desk is cleared off.

That is completely understandable, by partnering with MMW, some of that mental burden can be alleviated, allowing you to focus on the passion that drives you.

Marketing and Social Media

Whether it is an ongoing campaign or a specific event, MMW can help with marketing, promotions, press releases, and more to help garner the traffic your passion project needs.

MMW can help with your social media campaigns, assist with page and account management, promotions and more.


Press releases, human interest stories, the details that make you, your company, and your endeavors what they are. MMW is here to tell the story.

MMW understand the internal drive to see your vision play out. MMW understands that sometimes reliable help is hard to find and may seem out of reach without a full time staff.

Contract support is the solution!

Instead of attempting to pay for help that may prove to be unreliable, partnering with MMW will create peace of mind that you have support, while not wasting essential time and resources.

Hours and Availability

  • In person, face to face time is available as needed, by appointment. MMW works independently, that means that your time is yours. Once expectations are understood, hours for your project or location will be set, and away we go! Most locations do not require all day, every day type of work to be done on location.
  • On Site Work – By appointment, as needed
  • Remote Work – As needed, based on job requirements

Have another need or an idea in mind? Let’s talk!
MMW wants to help you succeed.