A piece of that pie

I once had a very wealthy person tell me that if possible, they never let a business opportunity pass them by. This theory sometimes led to a defeat, but more often than not had led to continued success.

I have pondered this thought over and over and I have come to the conclusion that it is complete and utter bull shit.

What this statement is leaving out is that people who have money already are able to seize an opportunity that may lead to further wealth for them, while those without, no matter how willing they are to gamble, are relegated to the sidelines.

In my brain at this moment are no less than five business ventures that I would like to partake in. Each of these independently has the potential to ease my family’s life slightly. Together, they would completely change our life for the better. I have the ability to see them through. I have a plan. I have the drive. I can see it all unfolding, and where it would lead.

What I do not have is the capital. While my family is fine where we are at, I do not have the ability to blindly leap, to take that chance.

At this moment in time, I feel caught in the cycle.

“If you do what you have always done, you will get what you’ve always got” is the comment that keeps me awake at night. I am 100% ready to break out from what we have always done, but on this late night, I am failing to see how.

It is so discouraging.

The prevailing questions are, “Why not me? Why not now?”

For now, I will be researching. Searching every possible way to make it happen.

Rest assured, when I get where I am going and someone asked me for advice, the words I give them will be a road map, and not just pleasant sounding shit.

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