Parenting Teens: Mental Health

Mental Health 2

I will be composing a series of 7 posts about parenting for a class that I am taking. These posts may or may not be of interest to those outside of the course. 
Week 4

Mental health is a topic that I have discussed several times on this blog.

When it is more than sadness takes a look at when we first started the journey to healthy mental living for my daughter. It is not where our story began, but a snapshot of how we began to be more aware. This one is written from my point of view.

Living with a mental illness takes a look at those same situations but from my daughter’s point of view. She felt it was important to discuss what she was feeling, and how it was actually being the one who was diagnosed.

Discussions about mental health, what it looks like, what steps need to be taken, are not a one-time event. It is a conversation that continues. Day after day. Routine check-ins, evaluations of how different life events are effecting everyone.

As a parent, my biggest fear is not that my child will disappoint me in life. My biggest fear is that I will miss something along the way, some clue that I should have seen. My fear is that my child will feel that seemingly insurmountable weight that leads to teen suicide.

Because of this fear, we are vigilant in our discussions on mental health. We discuss any changes with our doctor and seek outside resources when needed.

Sites such as the ones below offer additional resources.

Mayo Clinic

Stanford Children’s Health

Honesty, openness, and understanding are the tools that we have. Along with unending amounts of love.

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