Safety nets and parachutes

We love to hear tales of courage.
We spend our days scrolling through inspirational memes and videos of people who have taken a big risk and received a great reward. These stories are motivational, and we like to think of ourselves following their paths.
Most of the time, we want to follow their journey, their success story, from the relative safety of our homes.
Recently, I made a decision to follow a course that is uncharted. I felt comfortable to be able to take the risk while having a safety net to catch me. The IDEA of the risk, but not the real threat of actions.
What happens when the parachute, the safety net, are taken away?
Do we pull back? Run from the risk, seek the safety net?
Beginning last November, I began discussing running for a county elected position with my family. In early February, I made my intentions public and began the process.
The original intention was to follow this path, to see where it may lead while continuing to work at my day job throughout the election process. If I win, then I would move on to my next phase. If I lose, I would continue with my company and pursue growth within the company as much as possible.
That was my safety net.
Perceived risk, wrapped in a parachute.
It WAS my safety net.
In the middle of February, I was informed that my position was being eliminated from the company at the end of the month. My safety net was gone.
I then had to face the decision of what steps to take.
To continue on the election path? To stop and seek a new safety net?
With my parachute missing, the risk became very real. If I take the time in between now and the election to campaign, I take the risk of not having a plan B, should I not win. If I choose to lessen on the campaign and seek a new position, then I lose the chance to follow through on a goal that I have had for many years.
This is where all of the inspirational posts, memes, videos and slogans all become real.
This is jumping out of the plane, and hoping like hell the parachute works.

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