The weary spirit

In adult life, it seems that as a society we have accepted that tiredness is part of life. Our daily lives are so overscheduled that we have come to see no other way.

I find there are different types of tiredness that we all come to. Mental, physical, emotional, and that of the spirit.

When we are mentally tired we can often retreat into a hobby to find solace and comfort.

Physical exhaustion is the most easily combated with some good solid sleep. Possibly a diet change. There are actual steps to correct this one.

Emotional weariness requires time, many times outside support, and often a combination of the first two’s remedies.

Then we have when your spirit, your soul, your very essence is weary. (My daughter says I sound like a hippy.)

I find that when my spirit is tired, worn, spread thin that the answers are not as simple.

Many times the peace and comfort come from a spiritual perspective, reading my Bible, prayers, songs, connecting with a purpose beyond myself.

Other times people, myself included, retreat to nature. The mountains, the oceans, the wide-open prairies. I crave nature that makes me feel small, that puts my personal problems into perspective.

Still, at other times, the only way to overcome that spiritual weariness is to bring about large changes. They may be relational, situational, or something else altogether.

There are times in life where drastic change is required to move forward. That change can be scary. That change can be uncomfortable. That change is necessary.

Until that change is made, our spirit will continue to tell us, in increasing levels on uneasiness that something is not right.

What is your tired level? Is a change on your horizon?

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