Six-week weight training check-in


It has been six weeks since I first joined my husband in our garage standing in front of the weight machine. Prior to that day, working out, weight lifting was just the activity that he did before I came home from work.

I started with him as a last-ditch effort to relieve some back pain, increase core strength, and improve mobility.

Over the past few weeks, I have made a few observations. These did not all happen at once, but rather as small surprises along the way.

When we began and we would stretch at the very beginning, I could barely bend, and my hands would come to just below my knees. There was no way that I could go lower, due to back pain.

Last week, I realized my finders were a few inches off of the ground. Then, a few days later, I touched the ground.


Granted, my knees were slightly bent, but I touched the ground, pain-free.

Each time we lift, he is adding more weight. I can see it being added, and it shocks me each time that it does not hurt.

Each time a new lift is introduced, I immediately think I cannot do it, then find myself shocked when I not only can do it, but more weight is needed to make it the right level for me.

I am finding that I am not as stiff in the mornings. I can get up and get moving in a few minutes as opposed to 30-45 painfilled minutes.

This one is huge for me: prior to six weeks ago, I was taking Aleve Back and Muscle every 12 hours. Not only that, but I was taking about double what the dose is. That is simply what was required to keep the pain away. I realized last week that I have not been taking it in the mornings and that I have been fine. For my evenings, just before bed, I have actually switched back to standard Aleve, and the regular dose.

The scale is not moving.

My clothes are not falling off.

Personally, I do not see a difference.

I do feel one, and that is what matters.

In addition to the physical benefits, we have found that we actually enjoy the time together. It is a dedicated time that we get to hang out, talk, listen, and in general, enjoy being around each other.

He says that my participating helps keep him more accountable.

Overall, I would say that the first six weeks have been a success, and I am oddly excited to see what the next hold.

*I still find it odd to think that I am a “work out” person now, and instead I am obnoxiously making fun of it. 😉


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