Mom Hugs


Today my sister and I went to the QC Pride parade, with shirts offering Free Mom Hugs.

The idea behind the movement is simple: people, all people, are in need of love.

Not all parents are able to show love to their children whose lives may look different than they anticipated for them.

We hugged some people, waved at so many more, and felt completely surrounded by love.

The part that amazed me was the number of people who were there with the same purpose as us.

Hundreds of parents, moms, dads, and more, all out for the purpose of showing love.

I know there are many people with strong biblical beliefs that are uncomfortable with this topic, but I can say that I cannot think of a more Christ-like action thansimply showing love.

Simply telling other human beings:
You are valid.
You matter.
You are loved.
I am so glad we went today.

As the end of the parade came by, a man with a megaphone invited spectators (us) to join in the procession. We did, and walking in the crowd was an experience in love. The whole day was one I am very happy to have been a part of.

My favorite comment of the day came from a guy walking in the parade, “my mom is pretty awesome, but I would still love a mom hug!”


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