First and lasts that overlap

20190523_130331.jpgIn the continual onslaught of firsts and lasts, there is this.  This silly square piece of cardboard.

The colors of satin covering them across the country vary, but they represent the same thing to all of us.

The end.

The beginning.

This is the official end of childhood for most.  My son will have one more summer as a teen, spending time with friends, hanging out.

He has walked the halls of his high school for the last time as a student.  The same halls that I walked so long ago.  The same halls his father walked.

When he returns, it will be under the title of “Alumni.”

The drums are now silent.  The classroom doors closed.

The end of an era.

This is also the official beginning of adulthood.  My son will be taking his steps into discovering who and what he wants to be when he “grows up” though it is much closer than we thought it would be.

Logically, we know that our tiny babies will grow to be adults.  Our brains tell us that this is the way it is supposed to be.  It just may take our hearts a little longer to catch up.

Our season of lasts began with the 4th of July parade last summer and will continue through this summer, overlapping our season of firsts.

Last time performing with friends at a concert.

First College Orientation.

Last Band Awards Banquet.

First time in a cap and gown.

Last time as a student.

First time as an alum.

This Sunday, we will join parents and family members from all across our community watching our kids, our students, our “babies,” our young adults, walk across a stage.

Most of us will cry.  We will most likely laugh.  The metamorphosis will continue, and it is a sight to behold.

Congratulations to the Class of 2019.  Congratulations to their parents.

Well done.

Now try not to poke an eye out with that thing.

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