The teacher in my DM

I recently had one of my children’s teachers send me a message through FB messenger. I was a little surprised to see it since most “formal” communication tends to come through the school emails.

As I have thought this over, I would like to say this:

Dear teachers who feel it is ok to contact parents on their private social media,

Absolutely! Of course, we can go the traditional school email or phone call from the office route.


You can text me.

Call me.

FB messenger me.

Send me a DM on Twitter.

Snap me.

DM me on Instagram.

I don’t have Tumblr or Reddit, but if that is your go-to, I can sign up.

Whatever means is the most comfortable for you, the amazing human who is trying to pour your knowledge and time into my child.

I have met my kids on their best days, and I have been present at their worst.

It is too late for me, but you volunteer for this. Day in and day out you pour into ungrateful, mouthy, hormonal teens and pre-teens. You are nothing short of a hero, and if social media is the most comfortable for you to reach me, the parent, I am all for it.

If my child is in any way not behaving in the way that is conducive to learning or is in any manner making your already challenging job more difficult, you can contact me.

We, as parents, are backing you.

I know in our current society, it does not feel like parents are supporting teachers, and are looking for ways to blame someone for something their child did.

Let me be very clear, I back each of my kids 100% and believe in them fully. That being said, I have also MET them, and know they are fallible, as we all are.

As the parent, I will do all that I can to assist you with my child, and if that means answering you on social media, I am all for it.

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