It’s just hair

20190223_211745.jpgThis is my daughter.

She is 15, a freshman in high school.

She is active in the marching band with the color guard, sings in the choir, and is part of a group of introverts who meet together to help encourage each other.

Outside of school she participates in our church youth group, 4H, loves all animals, and is an incredibly talented budding photographer.

I could go on and on, as all mothers can.

In addition to each of these attributes and more, she is brave.

I have discussed before her journey to mental health. We discuss mental health issues on a regular basis and include “check-ins” as part of our regular dialogue.

In the middle of her journey to health, she took a step that I do not think I would ever be bold enough to take and shaved half of her head. Shaving her head wasn’t enough for this introverted girl, and the remaining hair was dyed blue.

Always with the filters. Oh, to be a teen in the age of snapchat!

The new style suited her, and though it took some time for others to get used to, she has maintained it for over a year. Each time her cut is cleaned up, freshly shaved, she smiles and laughs even more.

It may be due to the journey she is on, and how far she has come that I was shocked to hear adverse comments about her chosen style.

It seems that the relative of a lifelong friend of my daughters began warning her to be careful. The belief is that due to her current hairstyle, and a piercing in her nose, she is a bad influence. So much so that it was suggested that the friend limit interaction.

I can’t believe that in 2019 we are still having this conversation.

Hair is just hair.

Tattoos are just tattoos.

Piercing are just piercings.

None of these are a mark of character or an indication of what a person is made of.

No matter the hair color or cut, it is just that simple, and a cut that helps someone’s mental health, well, I can’t think of anything better!20181124_154535.jpg


  1. Good for her! I wish I’d had half that courage at her age. She looks great and her character will always speak for her no matter what anyone on the outside thinks, they will fall into place. For nearly three years I couldn’t peel my now 17 year old out of an old Nirvana Tshirt and I never heard the end of it from my dad when she started wearing army type boots with ripped jeans. He made no mention of honor society, early college credit, choir or working since she was 15! Sheesh. I’m writing because I had that same thought here, it is 2019 for goodness sake!!! These kids are going through so much nowadays, let them express themselves.

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    • Exactly! If you don’t like blue hair, don’t get blue hair.
      Also, her having blue hair does not mean I am an absent or neglectful mom.
      It means I care more about depression, anxiety, potential self harm and suicide more than fashion and style.


      • Absolutely. Their ability to even find, let alone execute, those expressions are so healing and empowering. I’m grateful every day for that ratty t-shirt and everything else that came along with it. 😏

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