When the words won’t come

What happens when the words continue to tumble in your mind, but can’t seem to find their way onto the page, or screen?

What is the answer?

Words tumble inside of my head every day, in a manner that I compare to a bingo ball roller.  When they are ready, they flow out in the form of a post, an article, a story.

What about when there is a block?  The words continue to tumble, feeling more jumbled and jammed every day.  Words falling over each other, like clothes in a dryer.  As the dryer becomes more full, there is less and less room for each item to tumble.

What will happen inside my head if I cannot find a release, if I cannot remove some of the clutter?

Will they eventually become so congested, like a dryer that they cease to tumble?

Will they slowly push out the words who have been tumbling the longest?

Will those unspoken, unwritten, unreleased words be lost forever?

Or will there come a release, allowing all of the jammed in words to flow, like a river once the dam breaks?

What do we do when the words won’t come?

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