Seeing Seattle…solo


Do you have someplace that you have always wanted to visit? There are countries in the world that are on my list of desired locations, places like Australia, Ireland, and England. Within the U.S. there are cities that I have always wanted to visit, if even just for a few days.

One of those cities is Seattle. Living in the Midwest, in the place where the corn grows, I am always impressed by other places.  The climate, the geography, the people, the difference in life in other regions of the country intrigue me.

I was presented with an opportunity to spend a few days in Seattle attending a conference for a national organization that I sit on the board of a local chapter.

How could I say no to that?  Right?

As the conference grows closer, I am not so sure how excited I actually am.

Though I am an adult, and fully capable, I have never flown alone.  This will be a first for me.  I am not exactly afraid of flying, but I do not love it.  The last few times I have had my amazing husband with me to take my mind off of it.  This time it will be me and my kindle.

I will be spending four days at a hotel, for all intents and purposes, by myself.

I will be attending the conference and will be meeting people through that venue.  When I head back to the room, it will be me.  Just me.

As a mom of four, wife, and chaperone of three dogs, I am NEVER alone.  Certainly not for four days.

I am starting to wonder how this is going to work for me.

I don’t like very many people, but I do like MY people.  I am not an “alone in silence” type of girl.

Outside of my day job, I am not a “small talk with strangers” type of girl either.

I am choosing to view this time as an opportunity for personal growth.  I am choosing to view it as an adventure.  I am choosing to focus on the fact that I am spending four days and three nights in a city I have always wanted to visit.

That is what I am telling myself.

Maybe I will read several books.  Maybe I will get a jumpstart on NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) that my daughter has challenged me to. Maybe I will find a holiday movie marathon on Lifetime. Maybe I will make a friend to spend the weekend with.

I fully recognize that the apprehension building up in me is fear of the unknown.  I am completely aware that it is unnecessary and will pass.

As the saying goes, we are to do one thing every day that scares us, and I am planning an entire weekend full of them!

In a year of self-reflection, personal growth, and constant change, this is just another step, right?

That is what I am telling myself.


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