Tending the garden of dreams


I have heard it said that we should not share our goals with others. The theory behind this comment is that the more people we share it with, the weaker the goal becomes, the less likely we are to pursue it with reckless abandon.

I have never fully believed that concept, I think it depends on the type of people that we share our dreams with.

If we picture our dreams as a rose bush, thay must be tended and cared for. While I am admittedly not a gardener, I understand the concept.

The bush needs care, it needs nurturing. We would not share the responsibility of caring for the bush with someone who was not fully invested in the growth and maturity of the plant. Instead, we would only offer that privilege to those we trusted to help us see the bush to its full potential.

Our dreams, our goals are the same way.

I don’t think we can hold them close to our chests, not sharing with anyone. There is accountability in the sharing. The people who know where we want to go are able to help push us towards that goal. They help keep us from being distracted. At times, they can help us filter out what opportunities are steps towards the goal, and what ones we should pass on.

The popular Pinterest quote states, “A dream written down with a date becomes a goal. A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan. A plan backed up by action makes your dreams a reality.”

Sometimes the quotes become popular for a reason.

What are you working towards? What steps are you taking? Are you committed to the long road?

I tell my friends that they will be there with me, even if it takes me eight to ten years to “make it overnight.”

Choose carefully who you invite to tend your rose bush. Then when it fully blooms, they will be right there beside you.

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