I gave in.

Golden Spoon, frozen yogurt, stepped up. Definitely not an Iowa treat.

I made the decision on my recent honeymoon that while traveling, I was not going stick strictly to my way of eating.  It is not every day that we go on vacation, and I intended to enjoy myself.

Being in San Diego meant that ordering burgers low carb, or without a bun was not difficult, and I received no strange looks asking for veggies over fries.  Mealtimes were not a real issue, and I felt pretty good about my meal choice overall.

The part that killed me was the desserts.  Being in a larger city means gourmet ice cream and desserts around every corner.

I love dessert.  I love ice cream so very much.  It is a huge weakness for me.

A flight of ice cream? Who can say no to that?

Over the past year, I have developed the ability to pass over the Ben and Jerry’s when it is offered.  Once home, I will make myself some sugar-free chocolate mousse and convince my brain that is all that I need.

It is not a perfect solution, but it has been working for me.

While traveling, there was no low-carb sugar-free alternative waiting for me.

And I am weak.

And did I mention how much I LOVE dessert?

So I gave in.

I gave in to frozen yogurt with some toppings.

Warm. Gooey. Just the right amount of cookie chunks. Topped with ice cream and candy. Possibly the best dessert I have ever eaten.

I gave in to a hand-scooped gourmet ice cream in the stinking adorable little cones that came in a flight (I did leave some of the cones, though I’m pretty sure the damage was already done).

I gave in to the most amazing, warm, gooey brownie topped with ice cream and candy that I have ever tasted.

I gave in over and over and over.

In addition to the sweets, I also drank lots and lots of diet soda, as the specific brand that I drink at home, the one that does not affect your glycemic index and does not contain sugar, was not available.

I told myself not to feel bad, that we were walking over five miles every day, that we were on vacation, and that once back home I would snap back to the low carb, low sugar life.

Except that is so much easier said than done.

Returning home, a day late due to flight issues, being overly tired, and jumping right into the employee/mom/busy role lead to so many poor choices, even back home.

We had Mexican food on Wednesday evening, and before I realized it, I was partaking in the free warm and salty chips.  I stopped and bought some candy on the way home to curb my sweet tooth after all that salty food.

My husband chose the “Build Your Own” ice cream sandwich with smores cookies.

Cookies were delivered to my office on Friday morning, and I really wish I could say that I had ONE.

We went to the movies on Friday night, and my logic stated that since I had already blown it with the cookies, I might as well add some popcorn and candy to that list.  Since it’s a movie, don’t forget the large diet soda.

I could feel the spiral I was in.

I took Saturday and Sunday to do a short, forced sweets detox of sorts.

I drank only water.  I ate only the lowest of carb foods I could find.

I basically had to rededicate myself to the entire process.

I do not regret partaking in the delicious foods over the time we were away.  Now I just have to get serious about the foods I will be eating here.

*In all honesty, I gained about seven pounds while away, even with walking over five miles a day.  I cannot imagine what it would be had we not been so active.  I am not planning to keep that number and am watching it go slowly back down since then.

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