Unplugging for the memory


Vacation.  The thought that eludes so many of us.

We work year round, day in and day out, dreaming of the days we will not be at work.  I find this to be true whether you love your job or not.

There is something about the time away that is special.

As my husband and I take a few days away this weekend, I am attempting to unplug as best as possible.  I am attempting to stay away from social media, I am not answering emails, I am only answering texts that are immediate.

*This may read as odd, on a blog post, that is being shared on my social media.  Through the magic of the internet, I am able to schedule this out.  As this is being read, I am sitting by a beach, pool, bar somewhere far away from home.*

I have talked before about my children and their FOMO of the ‘Gram.  I am making every attempt to be present in the moments on this trip.

We work hard, we intend to play hard.  Of course, I will be capturing images on my phone, and sharing them on various platforms.

I just want to see more.  I want to experience all that the weekend has to offer me, not what can be seen through the screen on my phone.

I have the best memories from when we would road trip.

One of my favorite stories that would make 2018 parents have a heart attack is of the trip we took in my dad’s pickup truck.

The big red truck had a topper on the back.  My mom loaded up the back with a mattress, toys, books, and whatever else we needed, and we headed off down the road.

Since we could not talk to each other while driving, my mom made flash cards that we would hold up to let her know that we were hungry, needed to stop, things like that.  She would, in turn, hold up cards telling us how long until the next stop.

This would NEVER fly today, and someone would most definitely report my parents.

It was the 80’s and a completely different time.

When we arrived at the destination, my sister and I spent hours playing in creeks and stomping in the mud.  We fully immersed into the trip that we were on.

That is what I want to do this weekend.  I want to set memories into my mind that will last.  Sights, sounds, smells, stories.

Traveling, even for the weekend, opens up the world to us.

I am sure I will be taking plenty of photos and short videos.  I am just hoping that I remember to be present as well.

Enjoy the journey, my friends.


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