Deeper understanding through brokenness

I recently had a conversation with a friend of mine about feminism, injustice, and general treatment of others. She commented to me that she felt like I was more affected than she was about the issues.

When she heard the comments made, she was mildly annoyed, while I was ready to fight. We discussed backgrounds, upbringing, and other differences that would lead us to the reactions that we have.

Then I came across this, that I originally posted on January 6, 2016.  It was in response to an individual speaking to me in a degrading manner.  I was so angry when the comment was made.  But I was trapped in the situation, or so I felt.

I am out of that situation now, and reminders like these coming across my timelines are a good way for me to remember why I am so happy to be where I am today.

Brokenness can be a funny thing.
When you first become broken, most do not notice. It is a gradual process, a slow fade. You look around one day, do not recognize yourself, and have to stop and think how you got to where you are.
But once you have been broken, once you have been in that place, it is different.
People who have been in that place, where they did not know who they were anymore, those people see things differently.
They see the brokenness in others. They can feel it.
And more importantly, they recognize the signs.
When people speak to them, they sense it more deeply than others.
A comment that would have gone unnoticed at a time in the past, causes their soul to rise up inside.
Certain phrases or mannerisms cause their spirit to rebel.
Because once you have been broken, once you have been to that place, and fought your way back to yourself, created a new you, there is no going back.
Friendships are different.
Loves are different.
Life is different.
Beware of those who have been broken to that point.
They are the ones who will see through the BS of life.
They are the ones whose hearts will not quiet but sit in a state of unrest at injustice.
They are the ones who will not go back.
They are the ones who will fight.

Stay strong my friends.  The day will come when it is all worth it.  You may not know when, but your day will come.

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