What makes you burn?

It’s funny the different things that set a person’s sole on fire.
It’s different for everyone, and that’s pretty amazing.

I have a friend whose heart burns for the cause of slavery in America. She is incredibly knowledgeable about human trafficking. The stats are overwhelming, but she can break them down in a way that even her children understand. She is helping to educate the world around her, and anyone who will listen.

I have a friend whose heart burns for the cause of orphans. She is involved with several organizations, both domestically and internationally. She has traveled the world bringing relief, education, and hope to the plight of those who tend to get left behind.

I have a friend whose heart burns for those who would be helped by medical cannabis. She lobbies to change laws. She meets with lawmakers. She is not silent, and she offers her voice to those that may feel like they are not heard. She spreads her knowledge to all who will listen, driven by a passion to help improve the lives of others.

I have a friend whose heart burns for individuals with barriers to learning, and their families. She has a child with autism, and in her quest to help him navigate the world, she educates those around her. Her aim is to help those who think and process differently than the mainstream to be able to function and thrive in the world.

I have a friend whose heart burns for those affected by bullies. Her radar for bullying is finely tuned. She advocates against it to schools. Outside of the school setting, she recognizes bullying in the “adult world” and takes a stand. She is often described as a troublemaker and someone who will not let things rest. She can’t.

I have a friend whose heart burns for women’s rights. She sees the patriarchal society in a way that others don’t. She refuses to accept the status quo. She pushes. She stands when society tells her to sit. She does not back down, even when it is uncomfortable. She is loud when others think she should be quiet.

There are many more. The cause is different. The tactics may vary. The passion is the same. When you come across that topic, you can’t sit down. You can’t do as society asks and let it go. That cause, the one that wakes you up at night, the one that makes all of your neurons fire just talking about it. That is your “thing.”

Find your thing. Raise your voice. Or whisper. But speak the truth about your cause. It does not matter if others agree. Do your research, educate yourself, so you can educate others.

There will be pushback from some. Others will not understand why you can’t let it go. Those are the ones who haven’t found their thing yet. Those who have found their thing, their cause, will support you in yours. Because they know the fire. They know the heat.

And they can’t stop either.

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